Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Every Teacher Needs for Christmas

Photo from fotopedia by Nilson Menezes
I think the most useful thing we could find under the Christmas tree would be a Mary Poppins bag.  It would have to be lightweight and easy to carry, yet hold absolutely anything and everything we could possibly need.

It would include:
  • A space heater and electric fan. (Am I the only one with no control over the temperature of my room?)
  • A pack of chalk and a chair, for classrooms where they mysteriously go missing on a regular basis.
  • A portable photocopier, for students who forget to bring their textbooks and handouts.
  • a Time Turner (a la Harry Potter)
  • a Flashy Thingy (a.k.a. neuralyzer, from Men in Black)
  • a Correct-o-matic pen.  Also available as an app and a feature on turn_it_in_grade_it_and_get_it_back_to_you.com
  • a Teacher's Remote Control, with the following functions:
    • Volume adjustment:  up when I can’t hear them from the back of the room; down when they’re working in small groups.
    • Mute: for students who won’t give up the floor or who chat amongst themselves in the back row.
    • A universal OFF switch that can instantly disable any other electronics in the room, and 
    • for ESL teachers, a button to instantly switch back to English when students start speaking to each other in their native language.

Best wishes to all teachers for the holidays and throughout the year!

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