Sunday, May 26, 2013

Now We Know Where All Those Socks Go

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Have you seen The Time Traveler's Wife?  I just watched it, and finally, the mystery is solved.  I figured out what happens to all those socks that disappear in the laundry.

When Henry (and presumably anyone else with the same condition) is transported to another time, he dissolves out of his clothes and has to find new ones.  So clearly there are all kinds of naked time travelers skulking about snatching things out of our laundry hampers.

It's good to finally have that settled, isn't it?

More seriously, it got me thinking about my own tendency to mentally travel back and forth in time.  Like Henry in the film (at least metaphorically), I find myself revisiting the same points in my past and future again and again.

It's amazing how hard it can be to simply remain present, in my own actual life, at this very moment.  

Not to replay that awkward conversation from a couple of days (or weeks or years) ago that didn't go very well.  

Not to slip off into projections of how great or horrible life will be if such-and-such happens.

Not to worry about any of the complicated situations various members of my circle are dealing with.  (It's been a memorable year.)

Because everything, in my own actual life, at this very moment, sitting here in my comfiest pair of socks, is OK.  


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