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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Bloodsucking Bodhisattva

open clip art by warszawianka
As much as I don't like to get my blood drawn, I can't imagine it's much fun on the other end, either.  I certainly wouldn't want to spend my days sucking blood out of person after person after person, none of whom is particularly happy about the experience.

Now imagine spending all day taking blood samples from oncology patients.  Talk about a group of people who really don't want to be there!  

So what does our (real life, not theoretical) phlebotomist do? 

He wears a "Cancer Sucks" button, and when he comes into the waiting room to get someone, he says, "Come along, my chickadee!"

I mean, how can you not crack a smile at that?

Or how about the security guard who carefully checks ID after ID after ID of the people entering the library, but takes the time to look you in the eye and say "Have a blessed day."

I was surprised one time to see him on the other side of campus.  As  I watched him sturdily standing there in his uniform and cheerfully greeting everyone who entered the main academic building, I realized it was the day newly-admitted students visit the university with their parents.  Very smart decision:  If you want to make people feel like their kids are going to be safe, he's the right guy for the job.

You probably know somebody like this, too.  A friend told me his morning always perks up when he goes to his local coffee shop because the woman who takes his order is so pleasant to everyone.  

If you grew up watching Sesame Street, feel free to sing along:  These are the bodhisattvas in our neighborhood.  The ones who make us smile, even if it's been a while.  The ones we should appreciate.  

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