Sunday, September 1, 2013

Brave It Like Bilbo
I just watched a sweet animated version of The Hobbit.  As it says on the video cover:
"All Bilbo must do is brave dark forests, towering mountains, … a flame-breathing dragon and more terrors that would alarm any hobbit who’d much rather be home eating buttered muffins."

I don’t know about you, but I can relate.

We haven’t been attacked by an actual dragon. (At least, not yet. Nothing would surprise me at this point.) But so many things have gone so badly wrong that my family keeps “joking”  we must be living in the Book of Job.

In the midst of this, I keep spotting products labeled “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Sometimes that’s really all any of us can do, isn’t it?

I sincerely hope things are going a lot better for you.

But you may, like me, know a few too many people with devastating medical diagnoses. (And even one person is too many, isn’t it?)

And you’re probably, like most of us, struggling to make a living while living a life.

Some of you may be starting the new school year with no job, or no budget for essential materials.

A few of you may even be in a situation where it’s physically dangerous to go to work every day.

I wish I could make things easier for you. But I know I can’t.

So I’ll just say this:

Be brave, little Bilbo!

And then go home and treat yourself to a buttered muffin. 

You deserve it.

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