Sunday, October 20, 2013

Buddha Standard Time (recommended book)

Raised in a Jewish family on Long Island, Lama Surya Das has become one of the foremost western teachers of Tibetan Buddhism. (I’ve had a soft spot for him in my heart ever since he admitted that his mom called him the “Deli Lama.”)
According to Buddha Standard Time, “it’s not time we lack in our rushed lives, but focus.”

Traditional Buddhist teachings can help us face the challenge of remaining present and focused in our increasingly fast-paced, frenzily-scheduled world.  

Through working with the practices in this book, we should:

  • “Feel less time pressured and distracted.” 
  • “Act wisely, even in moments of high stress.”
  • Become more connected to the natural world.
  • Become “more attuned to our thoughts and feelings, values and priorities.”
  • “Tend to temporal demands and be punctual, and still maintain contact with the eternal present in each moment.”
  • Become more comfortable with times of uncertainty.
  • Set healthy boundaries on the help we give to others, not overly depleting our own energy or enabling someone else to avoid their own responsibilities.
  • Age in a way that is not isolating, but rather links us to “a higher purpose that includes passing wisdom on to younger generations.”

You certainly don’t have to be a Buddhist to benefit from Buddha Standard Time. But you do need to be open to Buddhist terminology (clearly explained in the text), as well as discussions of circadian rhythms, the collective unconscious, neuroscience, chakras… and, perhaps most surprisingly, Sherlock Holmes, who’s “able to balance the most intense mental energy, work brilliantly with a deep inner calm and peace, and succeed in the nick of time.”

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