Sunday, February 2, 2014

Striving for Work/Life Balance: 5 Great Posts from the Guardian Teacher Network

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These are some great articles that show a range of approaches to work-life balance for teachers. It may not be easy, but it is possible. 

Balancing teaching with family life
Kate Smart, Sajeela Shah, and Christian Seagar share their experiences as teachers and as parents. How do they balance the needs of their students with the needs of their own children?

Can teachers ever have a work-life balance? 

Sean Reid argues that "looking after teachers is as important as looking after children...  I hate seeing people who come into the profession and start destroying their health and their personal life. It's all about balance."

The work-life balance basics: 10 stress-busting tips for teachers
Chris Hunt reminds us to let go of anxiety and focus on what we can control:  "Everyone always has choices, however dire the situation may appear to be in your school at that time."

Work vs life: how teachers can get the balance right
Rhian Williams, Graeme Thomson, Jenny Lewis, and José Picardo
discuss how they organize their time and let go of unnecessary tasks.

Why I finally decided to prioritise my personal life over my teaching career 
A serious illness led Kate Mather to make a radical change:  she now focuses on life-work balance: "The very arrangement of the words 'work-life balance' puts the emphasis firmly on work, inspiring us to try and fit our lives almost apologetically around our jobs. I wasn't prepared to apologise anymore."

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  1. I agreed with the fact that there are less chances and time we likely to get to spend with our friends and families; if we are professionals. Mostly people are getting less time from their work; as a result they are unable to balance their personal and professional life. Here we can get some awesome tips on how to balance our work and life especially for teachers; I hope these beneficial tips works and deliver a good way to maintain a balance in between work and home.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Daniel. It's certainly true that everyone (not just teachers) is finding it harder to balance work and home life. Maybe we can be good role models for other professions to follow?