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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Congratulations! You are Mindful Teacher of the Year!

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Yes, you, the dedicated, kind, effective teacher reading this right now.  You are Mindful Teacher of the Year! 

Or maybe you are the Mindful Principal of the Year or Mindful School Volunteer of the Year or Mindful Chaplain of the Year or Mindful Nurse of the Year or Mindful Person of Many Hats of the Year.  

In any case, congratulations!

You, yes you, deserve an award for all of your hard work and sacrifices.

You, yes you, are appreciated for your calm presence/sense of humor/gift of working with difficult people/ability to fix the copier when it does that weird thing for no apparent reason.

Remember all that extra time you put in to help someone who really needed it? 

Remember that night you couldn't sleep because you were so worried about work?

Remember that really difficult confrontation you managed to get through without losing your compassion or your dignity?

Remember that week when you had an even crazier schedule than usual because everyone else had the flu?

Remember that other week when you had the flu but you made sure all your work got done (either by your own feverish self or by supportive colleagues)? 

Remember that evening when you realized that you'd be even more effective at work if you started taking better care of yourself at home?

Despite those moments when you want to slam a book over someone's head, or throw paper airplanes during an insufferably boring meeting, or tell that so-and-so what you REALLY think for once... 

You are awesome!  Honest.   (Unless you actually do any of those things, in which case there's a six-month probation period while you catch up on your sleep and do a lot of yoga.) 

Perhaps you don't hear this often enough, so... 


And please remember to say THANK YOU to someone else who probably doesn't hear that often enough.  

Pass it on...


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