Sunday, March 29, 2015

Next Time, I’ll Do Better: Recognizing and Learning from Mistakes

It’s uncomfortable to feel guilt or shame over something we’ve done.  But instead of trying to push away these negative feelings, we can use them to avoid making the same kind of mistake again.  

Think about something that you feel bad about doing or saying, and what you wish you’d done differently. Then write your answers to the following questions.

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Something I regret doing or saying:

Why I regret it:

What led up to this incident:

What I learned:

How I could have handled it differently:

What I can do to avoid this type of problem in the future:

Note: If you plan to use this activity in a class, be very clear with your students how the information will be used, and don’t force them to share anything with the group.  Discussion with peers can be very helpful in a safe, supportive environment, but this activity will backfire if it makes a student feel even more shame or discomfort.

Update 12/10/19: Here's the link to a printable version of Next Time, I'll Do Better

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