Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mindfulness and Self-Care for Teachers (interview)

I'm honored to have been chosen as the first interview at The Teacher's Path, the blog of master educator Pete Reilly.

Here's a sample:
I’ve always loved learning, and I’ve always loved teaching, but I haven’t always loved school, either as a student or a teacher. Instead of an enjoyable exchange of information and ideas, it can feel like we’re caught on a fast-moving treadmill trying to catch flaming torches.
Mindfulness provides a way to pause in the midst of the craziness, an alternative to running and juggling faster and faster while feeling like we can never catch up. I’ve found it tremendously helpful and wanted to share what I learned with fellow teachers.

I go on to discuss:

  • why and how to make connections with fellow teachers; 
  • the role of the 'self' of the teacher, and how this is connected to mindfulness; and 
  • some unconventional advice on coping with the overwhelming challenges faced by teachers, including:
  • Don't throw good time after bad; and  
  • Take a lunch break (even for five minutes).

You can read the full interview at:


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