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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Video Playlist: Using the Arts to Teach Mindfulness

posted by Catharine Hannay

Here's the latest in the popular series of video playlists for teachers and teacher trainers. This time, the focus is on using the visual and performing arts to teach mindfulness to adults and kids.

Visual Arts

Artist Malcolm Dewey explains how we can quiet our minds and break out of habitual thought patterns by practicing a non-judgmental, practice-focused type of painting.

Chilean painter Fusa Deyas creates street art with a deeper message.

Taking multiple photos of the same ordinary object can be a great way to learn to pay attention.

Donna Freeman of Yoga in My School explains a silent activity for small groups, using bendable sticks.

An art teacher explains how she incorporates mindfulness in her classes for first through fourth grade.

Sherelle from The Owl and the Coconut shares what she learned doing 30 Days of Mindful Art.

Theater and Storytelling

Mindfulness Poet explains how the act of telling and listening to stories puts us in a state of attention and awareness.

Sue McMurray of Educational Design Services explains how improvisational sketches can be used to teach kids about their emotions.

Mindful Museum Theater Game and Emotional Musical Chairs

Andrew Jordan Nance of Mindful Arts San Francisco demonstrates two improvisational theater games. 

Music and Dance

Therapist Annabelle Coote helped a client use mindfulness of her thoughts, feelings, and body to recognize how much she was limiting herself by what she "should, must, ought to" do rather than recognizing what she really wanted and needed.

Yoga teacher Sophie Bolton helps parents and children connect with each other through mindful movement. 

Ze Wen Seah of of Liberty Park Music explains how guitarists and other musicians can benefit from mindfulness, and leads a five-minute meditation.

Composer Chuck Marohnic of Music Serving the Word Ministries reminds musicians about the need to constantly work on the skill of listening, starting with a single note.

Paying attention can save lives. These Baltimore students created a music video to teach kids to put down their phones  and look where they're going.


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