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Friday, April 3, 2020

Self-Care Video Playlist: Meditation and Yoga for Anxiety

updated September 23, 2020

posted by Catharine Hannay

In a time of global crisis, I'd be surprised if there's anyone who isn't feeling anxious at least some of the time. So I've put together this video playlist with yoga and meditation practices intended to help reduce anxiety.

Always listen to your own body and heart, and do what's best for you, keeping in mind: 
  • your physical condition
  • your prior experience with yoga and meditation; and
  • how comfortable you feel with a particular instructor.

Yoga Practices

Beyoutiful Living
(5 minutes)

Yoga with Adriene
(14 minutes)

Sarah Beth Yoga
(15 minutes)

Yoga with Adriene
(28 minutes)

Sarah Beth Yoga
(30 minutes)

David Procyshyn

(40 minutes)

Meditation and Breathing Practices

(1 minute)

Mindful Peace
(5 minutes)

Yoga with Adriene
(14 minutes)

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