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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Song Playlist on Resilience and Inner Strength

by Catharine Hannay

Continuing the popular series of Song Playlists for Teachers, here are a variety of perspectives on acceptance, self-compassion, resilience, and inner strength.

The rest of the songs are more appropriate for older kids and adults. If you teach young children, you might like this one:

Your Mountain is Waiting, Lanny Sherwin
official video (lyrics in video description)

"I hate to have to tell you but life isn’t always simple. Just when you think you have it smooth & easy, here comes a brand new wrinkle. You’ll probably need some Band-Aids for your knees and your heart, but I’ll be there with you when you’re ready to start."

I also have a whole playlist of Children's Songs about Mindfulness, Kindness, Self-Acceptance, and Gratitude.


Better DaysLe'Andria Johnson


"Sometimes it feels cold, and you feel all alone. But hold on, better days are coming. It can be rough in this world. I know it ain't easy, but hang on in there. I know better days are coming."


Beauty Lies, Jordan Smith 

video by One Voice Children's Choir (lyrics in video description); audio by Jordan Smith

"Sometimes the tears you cry can make you feel like you're running dry. At least you know you're still alive. We go on believing all the liars in our head, and stop before we've even started yet. But I know you, I know you can make that move, live your truth. When you lay down your pride, that's where the beauty lies."

DreamDave Blanchard & Randy Kartchner

official video by One Voice Children's Choir (lyrics in video description)

"The burdens of life steal our purpose and peace. Broken and angry we cry for relief. Dreaming inspires us to reach for the stars, healing our wounds and removing the scars... Putting all the tragedy behind you. Letting hope and joy remind you. To become the one who finds you when you dream!"


Girl Power, Haschak Sisters

lyrics; official video

"If I put my mind to something, I know that I'm gonna succeed. And when we do it all together, everyone has something to bring. I know who I am. Yeah, I'll be nice and sweet. But that don't mean I don't do what's best for me."

Go, Black Violin


"There are some things I don't understand, but I'm doing the best I can. There are some things I may not've known, but I'm doing my best to grow."

Happy People, Hailey Whitters

lyrics; official animated video

"Happy people don't cheat. Happy people don't lie. They don't judge or hold a grudge. They don't criticize... If you wanna know the secret. You can't buy it, gotta make it. And you ain't ever gonna be it by takin' someone else's away."

I Know Alone; Haim
"Been a couple days since I've been out. Calling all my friends but they won't pick up... I don't wanna give too much. I don't wanna feel at all. I know alone like no one else does."

Impossible is Possible, Black Violin
"There's a moment when you understand. You don't gotta follow all their plans. It's time to open up your hands. Don't leave it up to chance. We can do anything. We'll shine like the sun, the moon, the stars. We can go anywhere. They'll see us no matter where we are. 'Cause we got the fire. Show the world the impossible is possible."

Inner Life, Kathryn Bostic


[no lyrics; instrumental piano music]

It's Okay to be Happy, Jenni Schaefer


"When I lose ten pounds, and then lose five more... When I grow my hair to where it should be. When I look in the mirror and like what I see. Maybe then I'll be happy...

That's what I believed. That's how I lived... It was never enough to be where I was... Knowing whatever life throws at me it's okay to be happy."

Song of Survival, Red Eagle

"We are a people of endurance, and protectors of the land. Maintaining our traditions, taking knowledge in our hands... This is a song of survival. Can you get with this indigenous revival."

You and your students might be interested in this article about Jesse “Red Eagle” Robbins, a former gang member who derives strength from his Choctaw heritage: "Red Eagle inspiring youth to soar above negative influences."

Stand Like an Oak, Rising Appalachia
official video (lyrics in video description)

"Stand like an oak. An aspen, an alder. It's in you, don't falter.  And if so, then I got you. Fake it, walk taller anything that makes you feel smaller."

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About the Author

Catharine Hannay is the founder of and the author of Being You: A Girl’s Guide to Mindfulness, a workbook for teen girls on mindfulness, compassion, and self-acceptance. (Sales of the book help me continue to run with no sponsorship or advertising.)