Tuesday, April 13, 2021

3 Ways to Make Sure You’re in the Appropriate Teaching Role (guest post)


Photo by kat wilcox from Pexels

by Catharine Hannay

I have a new guest post at the Center for Adolescent Studies: 

I’ll never forget the day one of my French professors announced, “I can tell this class isn’t going well, so I’ve decided to film myself lecturing so I can see what I’m doing wrong.”

He could have saved himself a lot of trouble by asking us. We all knew what he was doing wrong. He shouldn’t have been lecturing at all; it was a seminar with only ten students.
I certainly made my own share of mistakes in my first couple of years as an English instructor. In one course, nearly all the student evaluations had some variation on “She’s very kind, but we don’t always know when we made a mistake.” I was trying so hard to be a Supporter that I vastly overestimated how upset my students would be in response to a simple correction. 

The point isn’t that one role is better than another but to use discernment in choosing the appropriate role at the appropriate time, and in not going so far into a particular role that it no longer benefits the students. 

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