'Being You'

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Excerpt: How Teens Can Become Upstanders, Not Bystanders or Frenemies

Excerpt: Three Ways to Handle Negative Thoughts and Strong Emotions

Being You features 52 activities to help teen girls develop mindfulness, compassion, and self-acceptance, including...

formal mindfulness and meditation practices:
labeling thoughts and feelings;
a variety of breathing practices; 
body scan vs. progressive relaxation; and  
lovingkindness meditation (with options for traditional, secular, or faith-based phrasing).

some of the most popular activities here at Mindful Teachers, including:
Blue Red Yellow: What Do You See? 
Contemplative Art Practices 
Five Senses Snack 
Next Time, I'll Do Better 
Noticing the Five Senses: A Daily Mindfulness Log 
THINK Before You Speak

and new activities, including:
Am I My Own Best Friend or Worst Frenemy? 
How Can I Be an Upstander? 
How Mindful Am I Online? 
A Week of Kindness 
When Does My Lizard Brain Turn into Godzilla?

Table of Contents
(with links to excerpts and sample activities at my author site, catharinehannay.com)

Quiz 1: How Much Do I Know About Mindfulness?

Chapter 1: Mindfulness Is a Practice, Not a Perfect
Chapter 2: Savoring Pleasant Moments
The Five Senses: Focusing on What You Can Touch

Chapter 3: Stressed, Depressed, and Quite a Mess
Activity 15: Am I My Own Best Friend or Worst Frenemy?

Chapter 4: Monkey Mind and Lizard Brain
Activity 17: When Does My Lizard Brain Turn Into Godzilla?

Chapter 5: One Breath at a Time
Breathing for Mindfulness or Relaxation

Chapter 7: THINK Before You Speak . . . or Text or Insta Anything
Activity 33: How Mindful Am I Online?

Chapter 8: Empathy and Compassion
Activity 37: Lovingkindness Meditation

Chapter 9: An Attitude of Gratitude
Be Grateful in All Things

Chapter 10: Sharing Your Gifts With the World

Being You: A Girl's Guide to Mindfulness

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