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thought it might be useful to group together the guest posts here at, and I thought 'mindful teachers' might be interested in the guest posts I've written. 

Book excerpts and guest posts here at, by experienced teachers and teacher trainers. (I accept a very limited number of guest posts; if you're interested in writing for Mindful Teachers, please see the FAQs before contacting me.) 

Eight Principles of Teaching Mindfulness Meditation to Adolescents 
Adapted with permission from A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Working with High-Risk Adolescents, by Dr. Sam Himelstein

Eight Principles of Trauma-Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Teaching 
by Robyn Hussa Farrell, MFA, E-RYT, NOURISH Recovery Yoga 

The Importance of 'Deep Listening' to Young People 
by Dr. Sam Himelstein, Center for Adolescent Studies 

A Lesson in Classroom Management 
excerpted with permission from A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey toTeaching Mastery by Pete Reilly 

Losing Control, Gaining Authority 
by Didde and Nikolaj Flor Rotne, Stillnessrevolution 

Mindfulness in Schools: Research-Based Support for Teacher Training 
by Brandi Lust, Learning Lab Consulting 

Nine Tips for Effective, Compassionate School Leadership 
by Katie Yezzi, Senior Principal of Troy Preparatory Charter School 

coming Sunday 11/26 Realistic Self-Care: Is It Possible to Keep All the Balls in the Air? 
co-written with my sister, Rev. Dr. Deborah Hannay Sunoo, pastor of Magnolia Presbyterian Church

Setting Boundaries with Teens 
excerpted with permission from What Works with Teens: A Professional's Guide to Engaging Authentically with Adolescents to Achieve Lasting Change by Britt Rathbone and Julie Baron

Tips for Including Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Classes 
This was a collaborative effort from a group of nine d/Deaf and sign-proficient teachers and counselors from four countries. 

Training Compassionate Educators to Respond to Childhood Trauma 
by Dr. Jennifer Parker, Child Protection Training Center at the University of South Carolina 

A Very Brief Introduction to How Trauma Affects the Brain 
by Dr. Sam Himelstein, Center for Adolescent Studies

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