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Welcome! This is an international community of educators and helping professionals committed to mindfulness and compassion. 

NEW interviewEffective Mindfulness-Based Approaches, for Students and Teachers

Start with these posts if you're skeptical about the mindfulness 'trend' or if you're trying to convince other people (parents, sponsors, administrators) of the benefits of mindfulness.
The Benefits of Mindfulness page has more information and links about how mindfulness benefits kids and adults.

Start with these posts if you’re a teacher or other helping professional looking for resources on self-care and self-compassion.

The Self-Care Page has more resources on coping with stress and burnout, mind-body health, and self-compassion.

Start with these posts if you’re interested in starting a personal mindfulness practice:

The Recommended Books page offers a variety of perspectives on mindfulness and complementary practices and perspectives.

Start with these posts if you're interested in integrating mindfulness with academic content: 

Start with these posts if you're interested in trauma-informed teaching:

Start with these posts if you’re new to teaching mindfulness, or working with a new student population:

Some basic guidelines if you're new to teaching mindfulness:
  • I've been asked several times "What training do I need to become a mindful teacher?" There's a distinction between a 'mindful teacher' (one who practices mindfulness) and a 'mindfulness teacher' (one who teaches mindfulness).
  • Please establish your own personal practice before teaching meditation or formal mindfulness practices to adults or children.  
  • Please don't push anyone beyond their comfort level, for example if they don't want to close their eyes during meditation or prefer not to share personal information with the group.  
  • The interviews with experienced mindfulness teachers and teacher trainers give a lot of suggestions for teaching different ages of students in different contexts around the world.
  • The recommended mindfulness books will put the activities in context and help you prepare for the common challenges in teaching mindfulness and compassion, such as working with reluctant students or coping with strong emotions that might come up in meditation. ( receives no financial benefit from books ordered through links on this site.)  

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