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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Should I Quit My Job? (quiz)

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Have you been feeling frustrated and burnt out?  Maybe you've started wondering whether it's time to move on? 

Answering these ten questions should help you make up your mind.

1. How would you describe your current work conditions?
a) pretty good
b) basically OK
c) quite unpleasant
d) downright abusive

2. Complete the following sentence:  If I quit, my likelihood of getting a better position is…
a) extremely unlikely.
b) quite uncertain.
c) pretty high.
d) nearly guaranteed.

3. How many years left before you can retire?          
a) fewer than three
b) fewer than five
c) more than five
d) more than ten

4. What happened the last time you quit a job?
a) It felt good telling off my boss, but I regretted it when I needed a reference.
b) My new job had a lot of the same problems.
c) I had mixed feelings about it, but in the end I know I made the right decision.
d) I’ve never quit a job.  I stuck it out no matter how bad things got.

5. How often does your job cause stress-related symptoms like headaches or stomachaches?
a) That never happens to me.
b) Only before a big presentation or similar challenge.
c) At least once a week.
d) Nearly every day.

6. Complete the following sentence:  The thought of spending another year at my current job makes me feel…
a) pretty happy.
b) basically neutral.
c) more-or-less resigned.
d) severely depressed.

7.  How would you and your family cope without the income from your current job?
a) There’d be no way to pay the bills.
b) We’d need to seriously cut back our expenses.
c) We’d have to make some adjustments.
d) It wouldn’t make much of a difference.

8. What’s keeping you from quitting your job?
a) I actually like it most of the time.  There are just a few things I find really frustrating.
b) I’m not sure what I’d rather do instead.
c) I don’t want to let anybody down.
d) I feel too worn out to look for anything else.

9. Complete the following sentence:  I’ve read other posts with titles like “Should I quit my job?” several times in the last…
a) decade
b) year
c) month
d) hour

10. Why did you just take this quiz?
a) I enjoy taking this type of quiz.
b) I feel vaguely dissatisfied, but I’m not sure why.
c) I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of quitting my job.
d) I’m looking for someone else’s permission to make a scary decision.

Of course, there may be other factors that aren't included here.  And I'm not advocating irresponsibility.  If at all possible, finish out your contract, leave your supervisor enough time to find a replacement, and be sure you can cover basic expenses.

That said... 
If your answers were mostly A'sYou definitely shouldn't quit your current job.
If your answers were mostly B’s: You probably shouldn't quit your current job.
If your answers were mostly C’s: You should seriously consider quitting your current job.
If your answers were mostly D’s: You should definitely quit your current job.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best.  You might find some of the Self-Care Resources helpful as you think through your next move.  


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