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Sunday, January 17, 2016

What (Arche)Type of Teacher am I? (quiz)

In my years of teaching and observing other teachers, I've noticed six basic types of educators:  the Buddy, Cop, Energizer Bunny, Laid-Back Dude, Perfectionist, and Wizard.  Each type has pros and cons, and most of us will play most of these roles at different times in our careers.

Answering this brief quiz should give you a good idea of the type of teacher you are, as well as an opportunity to reflect on the role(s) you play and whether you'd like to make any changes.   (The same archetypes apply to both men and women, no matter where you're from or the age of your students.)

1. Which of these qualities is most important in a teacher? 
a) kindness 
b) classroom management 
c) willingness to go the extra mile
d) work/life balance
e) high standards 
f) expertise

2. Compared to my colleagues, I spend more time… 
a) hanging out with students. 
b) disciplining students. 
c) taking on extra assignments. 
d) pursuing my personal interests. 
e) correcting papers. 
f) learning about my field.

3. The biggest work-related challenge for me is... 
a) setting boundaries with my students. 
b) not taking classroom misbehavior personally. 
c) taking a break when I’m exhausted. 
d) staying organized. 
e) not overwhelming my students with corrections. 
f) explaining my subject to beginners.

4. The motto that best describes my attitude toward teaching: 
a) Are we having fun yet? 
b) Give ‘em an inch, and they’ll take a mile. 
c) I’ll take care of it. 
d) Don't worry, be happy. 
e) You missed a spot. 
f) Look what I can do!

5. The biggest compliment someone could give me: 
a) I really enjoyed your class. 
b) Your students never misbehave. 
c) I don't know how you do it all. 
d) You always seem so calm. 
e) You never make mistakes. 
f) I really admire you.

If you answered...                You are likely a(n)...
Mostly A                                 Buddy
Mostly B                                 Cop
Mostly C                                 Energizer Bunny
Mostly D                                 Laid-Back Dude
Mostly E                                 Perfectionist 
Mostly F                                 Wizard

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