Sunday, November 26, 2017

Realistic Self-Care: Is It Possible to Keep All the Balls in the Air?

updated May 18, 2021

by Catharine Hannay and Rev. Deborah Hannay Sunoo

This post grew out of a series of conversations about the challenges of balancing self-care with care for our families and the people we serve in our work. We've also done our best to support each other during quite stressful circumstances over the past several years. Our mother died of brain cancer a few years ago, and we both had to make quite difficult decisions in various aspects of our lives.

After talking to many fellow educators and clergy, as well as nurses, doctors, social workers, and counselors, we've realized that while the details may be different, the basic challenges are quite similar across all of the helping professions and for anyone who’s serving as a caregiver. We’re only human. Working 24/7 year after year after year simply isn’t sustainable...

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