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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Video Playlist: Practicing and Teaching Gratitude

updated January 28, 2020

posted by Catharine Hannay

Two of the most popular types of posts here at are video playlists and gratitude practices. So this week I decided to do a 'two-fer' with the best videos I could find about practicing and teaching gratitude.

While I was putting the list together, I found a few songs for young kids that didn't seem like a good fit, so I added them to the Great Children's Songs about Mindfulness, Self-Acceptance, and Gratitude. Scroll to the end of the post for links to more resources on practicing and teaching gratitude.

Finding Reasons to be Grateful

Kid President explains that "Some days are tough, but we've got a lot to be thankful for." So he shares his List of Awesome Things to Be Thankful for, including clouds that look like stuff and no-reason-at-all cake. (3 minutes)

A man can barely contain his excitement at all of his amazing gifts. I can't really explain without spoilers, so I'll just say that it's both funny and thought-provoking.  
(1-1/2 minutes)

Teachers and community members help kids find things to be grateful for even in challenging circumstances. (4 minutes)

Suggestions from the Greater Good Science Center on going beyond just teaching kids to say 'thank you' to be polite. (2 minutes)

Research on Gratitude

Brief animation with an overview of the benefits of practicing gratitude. (2 minutes)

Another brief animation with an overview of the benefits of practicing gratitude.  (1 1/2 minutes)

Dr. Amie Gordon shares research on five possible negative consequences of focusing too much on gratitude. (11 minutes) 

The Trouble with the Science of Gratitude

Alex Wood argues that most of the research on gratitude hasn't been scientifically rigorous. (16 minutes)

TED Talks

Hailey Bartholomew was feeling depressed and like her life had no meaning--until she decided to take a photo every day of something she felt thankful for. (12 minutes)

AJ Jacobs shares his experience seeking out and thanking all the people who make it possible for him to enjoy a cup of coffee. He started with his friendly barista and kept going and going, appreciating hundreds of people he usually takes for granted. (15 minutes)

Keka DasGupta explains why it's important not just to keep a gratitude journal but to express our gratitude to the people around us. (16 minutes)


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