Sunday, May 29, 2016

Great Children's Songs about Mindfulness, Self-Acceptance, and Gratitude

In the song lists about gratitude, etc., I always try to include at least one song that can be used with younger kids. However, most of the songs are geared more toward adolescents and adults.

So here's a whole list with only songs that are appropriate for children... although they can benefit the rest of us, as well.  (I know several adults who find it really helpful to belly breathe with Elmo!) 

Emotions & Self-Control

Belly Breathe, with Common and Colbie Caillat


Thank Someone, Amy Grant and John Hiatt

Together is Better (“I'm grateful for my friends.”)

Facing Challenges/

Believe in Yourself Song, with Michael BublĂ© 

Don’t Give Up, with Bruno Mars 

Power of Yet, with Janelle Monae


Everybody Be Yo'self, with Keb Mo

The Ugly Duckling (“It’s good to be me.”)

What I Am, with Will.I.Am

If you have a favorite song for teaching mindfulness or social-emotional skills to kids, please post a comment or email me at mindfulteachers[at]gmail[dot]com so I can add it to the list.

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  1. Thanks to the Facebook folks for your great suggestions! I've added a couple of songs to the list above, and also a couple of songs for teens to the Self-Acceptance playlist: