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Friday, July 12, 2019

10 Questions About Self-Care Only You Can Answer

photo by andibreit for Pixabay 

by Catharine Hannay

There's no score for this quiz and no one correct answer to any of the questions. The purpose is to figure out what works for You.

1. What does 'self-care' mean to me?

  • Does it feel selfish, self-empowering, or self-nurturing?

2. How might taking better care of myself benefit others (especially my family and students or clients)?
  • How do I get what I want/need without negatively impacting someone else?

3. Do I tend more toward self-indulgence or self-denial?
  • What do I indulge in too much?
  • What do I deny myself too often?

4. What are my guilty pleasures and why do they make me feel guilty?
  • What do I (really, truly, when no one else is looking) find enjoyable and relaxing?
  • Which of my ‘guilty pleasures’ should I really not feel guilty about? 
  • Which of my guilty pleasures has the potential to become toxic or addictive?

6. Am I worn out because I feel like I'm 'on' all the time

7. How do I tend to get in my own way? 

8. What does my body need? 

9. What's the best mindfulness practice for me?

10. What is one thing I could stop doing, or start doing, or do differently, starting today that would most improve the quality my life?* 

*This is my favorite question from How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.


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