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Benefits of Mindfulness

last updated August 31, 2020

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These posts by Mindful Teachers founder Catharine Hannay clarify some common misunderstandings about mindfulness and mindfulness research.

Research on the Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Brief Summary of Mindfulness Research, by Greg Flaxman and Lisa Flook at UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, explores the benefits of mindfulness and its connection to other mind/body practices. 
  • Mindfulness Research Monthly is a newsletter from the American Mindfulness Research Association with the latest research in the field.  

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Educators

"When the adult in the room is transformed, the classroom climate changes, too. This is the ultimate goal: not to introduce mindfulness as a strategy-based intervention, but instead to change the overall climate, tone, and quality of interaction so that it is more conducive to the health and wholeness of teacher and student."
Brandi Lust of Learning Lab Consulting, in a guest post on "Mindfulness in Schools: Research-Based Support for Teacher Training

The following links have more information about the benefits of mindfulness for educators:

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Kids

"Mindfulness as a skill can help youth learn to be less impulsive and more self-regulated, and to develop a stronger ability to choose in their lives. The idea is that we’re teaching young people to gain greater autonomy and choicefulness."  
Dr. Sam Himelstein, in an interview on "How Mindfulness Helps Teens and the Adults Who Care about Them"

The following links have more information about how kids can benefit from mindfulness training:

There are dozens of ways to practice and teach mindfulness. See the Mindfulness Teaching Resources page for activities and expert advice.