Mindfulness Resources

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by Catharine Hannay

Here are a variety of useful activities and resources for  practicing and teaching:

  • mindfulness and meditation, 
  • kindness and compassion, 
  • generosity and gratitude, 
  • social responsibility, and 
  • social-emotional skills.

I've gotten a lot of requests to use the activities in various contexts, and I've found some of this content copied onto other sites without permission.  Please link to the activities; do not copy them to your own site.  (See the FAQs for more information.)

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Breath-Based Practices for Mindfulness or Stress Reduction
Several approaches to breath awareness for adults and kids. Some of them are intended to reduce stress and anxiety, while others help us focus on whatever is happening in the present moment.

Expert Interviews 
Perspectives on mindful teaching and teaching mindfulness, from educators around the world.

The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation
Brief introductions to the current research and what we do and don't know about how adults and kids can benefit from regular mindfulness practice. 

Posters and Quizzes
Posters, infographics, and quizzes on mindfulness and meditation for adults and kids, plus self-care for teachers.

Activities for Exploring the Five Senses
Focusing on the present moment through what you can see, hear, taste, touch, and sniff. 

Songs for teaching mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, social-emotional skills and social responsibility.

Video Playlists for Teachers and Teacher Trainers
Teaching resources, personal practice/self-care, and inspiring stories of kindness, compassion, and service. 

Noncompetitive Games and Group Activities 
This might be a good place to start if you teach kids and don't have training in teaching mindfulness.  (You might also be interested in the gratitude and five senses activities for individuals or groups, in the section below.)

        Practicing Gratitude

          Mindful Communication

          Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion with Academic Content

          Quotations and Class Discussion Topics 
          Many of these would also be appropriate for journaling or as reflective writing assignments.
            • What is Mindfulness? quotations about mindfulness meditation, informal mindfulness practice, and nonjudgmental awareness.

            Yoga and Mindful Movement
            Especially if you don't have training or experience teaching yoga or other forms of mindful movement, please try these movements yourself a few times before teaching them to others. 

            Meditation and Formal Mindfulness Practice
            It's strongly recommended that you establish a consistent  personal practice before teaching meditation to others.

            Emotions and Thoughts 
            These are appropriate for teaching kids, but please try them yourself first. For meditation or breathing practices, it's strongly recommended that you establish a consistent  personal practice before teaching others.

            Compassion, Self-Compassion, and Self-Awareness
            These are appropriate for adults or mature teens. If you plan to use them in teaching others, please don't lead any practices you haven't done personally, and please respect participants' decisions about how much they choose to share with the group about their experiences. 

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