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Sunday, April 26, 2015

How Mindful Am I? (quiz)

image courtesy Mindfulness Without Borders

This activity was developed by Mindfulness Without Borders, and is reproduced here with their permission.
Living mindfully is like being an artist: you need the right tools to practice your craft, and you need to constantly refine your technique to achieve your creative potential. In the same way, using the present moment tools below will help you to hone a consistent mindfulness practice that will in time lead to a more aware, compassionate and fulfilling way of life.
In a spirit of nonjudgmental awareness, read the list of present moment tools below, and rank them from 1-10 based on how often you use them.   
___ tool 1: Breathe Mindfully
Use your breath as an anchor to still your mind and bring your focus back to the present moment.
___ tool 2: Listen Deeply
Listen with intention; let others fully express themselves and focus on understanding how they think and feel.
___ tool 3: Cultivate Insight
See life as it is, allowing each experience to be an opportunity for learning.
___ tool 4: Practice Compassion
Consider the thoughts and feelings of others and let tenderness, kindness and empathy be your guides.
___ tool 5: Limit Reactivity
Observe rather than be controlled by your emotions. Pause, breathe, and choose a skillful response based on thoughtful speech and non-violence under every condition.
___ tool 6: Express Gratitude
Practice gratitude daily and expand it outward, appreciating everyone and everything you encounter.
___ tool 7: Nurture Mutual Respect
Appreciate our common humanity and value different perspectives as well as your own.
___ tool 8: Build Integrity
Cultivate constructive values and consistently act from respect, honesty and kindness.
___ tool 9: Foster Leadership
Engage fully in life and in community. Share your unique talents and generosity so that others can also be inspired.
___ tool 10: Be Peace
Cultivate your own inner peace, becoming an agent for compassionate action and social good.
Which tools do you use most often?  Which tools do you use least often?  Can you think of ways to incorporate those tools into your life?  Which one could you try today? 

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