Sunday, August 9, 2015

Five Senses Snack: A Mindful Eating Chart

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Have you ever eaten a favorite snack while reading?  Watching TV?  Checking messages on your phone?  Doing or correcting homework?

How did it taste?  Did you even notice?

Remember: It isn't a treat if you're not enjoying it.

This chart can help you truly appreciate what you're eating by slowing down and noticing not just the flavor but also the texture, scent, color, and even sound.  

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A note to teachers:  be sure to choose your snack carefully and think through what type of preparation you might need to do ahead of time.  I know a teacher who was very excited to share seasonal fruit, so she  asked her kindergartners(!) to each bring a sharp knife to class.  You probably wouldn't do that, but you could have students with unusual allergies or work at a school with strict policies about what type of food can be brought to class.

Whether you try this individually or with a group, please post a comment letting us know what snack you tried and what you noticed while you were eating it.

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