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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Self-Care Videos: Gentle Yoga, Mindful Movement, and Indoor Walking

posted by Catharine Hannay

One of the key themes here at Mindful Teachers is realistic self-care for educators and other helping professionals. It isn't about self-indulgence. It's about staying healthy and centered so you can keep helping others without sacrificing your own needs.

Here's a yoga practice especially for teachers, as well as a selection of mindful movement practices and gentle yoga and exercise routines, ranging from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. 

These videos should be suitable for almost everyone. However, do keep in mind that we all have different levels of fitness. Use your own best judgment about what's suitable for you: 
  • If you find any of these routines quite challenging, don't push yourself to do anything that might lead to strain or injury.  
  • If you find any of these routines quite easy, you might want to try a longer or more challenging routine among the many yoga, mindful movement, and indoor walking videos on youtube. 
  • On the other hand, you might benefit from slow and gentle movement today. (In fact, part of the challenge of yoga and mindful movement can come from resisting the urge to push too hard or move too quickly.) 

photo source: Pixabay

Yoga for Teachers and Other Helpers

Here's a sampling of videos from popular instructor Adriene Mishler. There's a 10-minute self-care routine and a 30-minute routine specifically designed for teachers... or for parents, or for anyone who's devoted to guiding others and needs a bit of self-nurturing.

I picked the other three because they're brief routines that focus a lot on stretching for folks who've either been sitting or standing too much. (If you'd prefer something more advanced, there are hundreds more videos to choose from on the Yoga with Adriene youtube channel.)

Yoga for Teachers (30 Minutes)

Yoga for Flexibility (16 minutes)

Yoga for the Service Industry (15 minutes)

if you've been on your feet all day

Yoga for Self-Care (10 minutes)

Yoga at Your Desk (6 minutes)
seated routine, with music 

and brief written instructions 

(no speaking)

Mindful Movement

These brief routines could be a good way to stretch out stiff muscles and focus your awareness on your breath and your body. 

3-Minute Seated Practice
with MBSR teacher Cheryl Jones

Faster-Paced 5-Minute Session 
with Cara Bradley, E-RYT

10-Minute Session
from Dorset Mindfulness Centre

Indoor Walking

In her popular Walk n' Talk series, wellness coach and personal trainer Jessica Smith gives tips on self-care while leading fifteen-minute sessions of walking-based exercise. 

I tend to use this series on evenings when I know I haven't gotten enough movement that day, but I can't handle a more challenging workout. (If you'd prefer something more advanced, there are hundreds more videos on the Jessica Smith TV youtube channel.)

Walk Off Stress and Tension 

Feel Better With Exercise

What Does a Healthy Lifestyle Look Like?

Seven Self-Care Lessons 

We Can Learn from Nature

How to Love and Appreciate
Your Body as It is Today

Five Great Reasons to Exercise
(That Aren't About Weight Loss)

Progress, Not Perfection

update 4/8/19: Here are a couple more brief walking workouts.

7-Minute Walk

This is part of Lucy Wyndham-Read's series of 7-minute workouts.

5-Minute Dance That Walk

This is part of a series of dancing-style walking workouts from UptotheBEat Fitness

update June 1, 2021: I discovered another instructor with a lot of walking-based workouts, including this 15-minute gentle walking workout.