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Quizzes, posters, and infographics for teaching mindfulness and teaching mindfully.
I've gotten a lot of requests to use these infographics, posters, and quizzes in various contexts, and I've  found some of this content illegally copied onto other sites.  Please link to these resources; do not copy them to your own site.  (If you'd like to use them for anything other than your own personal practice or teaching your current students, please see the Frequently-Asked Questions for information on permissions and copyright issues.) 

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Mindfulness Quizzes Here at
How Mindful am I?
Is Your Mind Connected to Your Body?
What's the Best Mindfulness Practice for Me? 

Quizzes for Teachers and Other Helping Professionals here at
How Burnt Out Are You? 
Should I Quit My Job? 
10 Questions About Self-Care Only You Can Answer 
What (Arche)Type of Teacher am I?

Posters here at

The Eightfold Path in Everyday Life

Mindful Teaching by the Numbers

Quick Sanity Breaks for Mindful (but Busy!) Teachers

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