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How Mindful am I?
Is Your Mind Connected to Your Body?
What's the Best Mindfulness Practice for Me? 

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How Burnt Out Are You? 
Should I Quit My Job? 
10 Questions About Self-Care Only You Can Answer 
What (Arche)Type of Teacher am I?

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The Eightfold Path in Everyday Life

Mindful Teaching by the Numbers

Quick Sanity Breaks for Mindful (but Busy!) Teachers

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  1. Do you have an suggestions on how to measure the effectiveness of mindfulness in the classroom (2nd grade)? For example, a form that the classroom teacher and fill out each month to show how their class has changed since receiving mindfulness activities?

    1. That is a great question... I've posted it to Google+ and Facebook and I'll ask a couple of people who have more experience than I do in working with kids; I'll let you know what I find out... In the meantime, if anyone reading this has some suggestions, I'd really appreciate your input.

    2. I heard back from Meena Srinivasan, author of Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom. She has a few suggestions for you:
      Your school might try the DESSA:
      Or you might want to post your question to the AME (Association for Mindfulness in Education) listserve:
      Or the MiEN (Mindfulness in Education Network) email list:

    3. Bobbi Allan of Mindfulness in Education suggests that your form could include:
      • Paying and Sustaining Attention
      • Calmness / Self-Control / Self-Regulation (here one could also look for the ability to ‘bounce back’ from high excitement or high emotions by remembering to pause and breathe)
      • Self-Care / Participation / Cooperation
      • Kindness / Care and Respect for Self and Others

  2. Thank you for the response you gave to the query above re: measuring effectiveness in classrooms and thank you also for your amazing website. I have been introducing mindfulness to my 6yr old and your resources have been invaluable in helping me do this effectively. He loves it after only 4 nights!

    1. You're welcome, Ayse. I'm glad you're finding the resources helpful, and I really appreciate your comment.